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A candle specialty store with beautiful colors and a mysterious interior


In a quiet alley near Yoyogi-Uehara Station, you will find Eldonax, a shop with a soothing texture of peeling wood and driftwood. Not only is the store beautiful, but you will feel a change in the air as you step inside. Colorful candles are lined up on the shelves in front, and driftwood, bones, stones... objects made from natural materials are packed up to the ceiling. Although it is a quiet and relaxing space, you will be overwhelmed by the power of each and every item. The items collected from around the world are very unique, and many of them are rare and hard to find. Items that have just been dug up from nature, items brought from a corner of Europe, items that have been abandoned in the wild... All of these items shine in this mysterious space. Surrounded by natural materials and the beautiful colors of the candlelight, you will feel more gentle.




Shibuya-ku Nishihara 3-22-10

3 Chome-22-10 Nishihara Shibuya-ku


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